Poetry and Artwork Published in UCCS’ literary arts journal, riverrun

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Two new poems and one artwork by Chrissy Lorraine have been published (under her old nickname of Nina) in the 47th edition of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) literary arts journal, riverrun. The poems are entitled, “Earth’s New Gown,” and “The Storm,” and the art piece in oils is entitled “Fox Fantasy.”

“Earth’s New Gown,” is an eight-stanza, thirty-two-line, rhyming (ABAB form) and metered poem about falling snow. It is located on page 24 of the journal.

“The Storm” is a poem about a snowstorm, written in a structure and style created by Chrissy. The style is 8 lines of object nouns followed by three present progressive verbs describing that noun, and then a 9th object followed by fourteen present progressive verbs, finished with a six-syllable statement of summary. The end effect is lyrical and rhythmic when read aloud, with a building tension and climactic finish. This poem is on page 48 of the journal.

“Fox Fantasy” is a painting in oils on canvas, using a sfumato style of smooth brushwork, and featuring a masked white fox in a surreal, springtime landscape, with a large blue bird. The painting is featured on page 113 of the journal. To read and view these publications, please follow the link, below.

The 47th edition of riverrun can be found here