Colorful Tilda Doll

The Colorful Tilda Doll is a rather free-spirited style of doll, who wears colorful, mismatched clothing that is made with Red Heart brand yarn in white, green, and two different kind of rainbow variegated yarns (all colors can be altered to suit your tastes). She has green and white striped stocking legs and is wearing a variegated color/dark rainbow jumper. The jumper has golden ties on the sides of the legs and a front pocket with stitches showing as part of the style. Her hair can be either a skein of light rainbow colored yarn, or it can be crocheted pink velvet yarn in spirals that are tied up in a ponytail with rainbow yarn. The version of the doll that has loose yarn hair comes with a drawstring-adjustable bonnet in variegated colors of your choice. Her shoes are crocheted boots in variegated blues and greens. This doll can be made with safety eyes or button eyes.