Amiimaker Unicorn Amora Amigurumi

Amiimaker Unicorn Amora amigurumi doll crocheted by Christyl. The original pattern was embellished for this project, adding crocheted flowers around the horn, a ribbon necklace with created ribbon rose, and ribbon ties for mane and tail braids.

Pattern was created by Marina Dessotti and can be found for free, here.

Towel Toppers with Ruffles

These towel toppers with ruffles are by Christyl Lorraine. The yarn types she uses vary, from Red Heart to Lion Brand. The buttons are large and are plastic or wood. The yarn is synthetic unless cotton is specifically requested. This pattern is also by Christyl Lorraine.

Images © Christyl’s Creations

Pattern by Christyl’s Creations

Lacy Shawl

This shawl was originally called the “Bridesmaid Shawl,” and is based on a pattern by Michele DuNaier. However, this shawl is a lot more versatile than simply being a bridesmaid shawl, and so I am categorizing it differently to the original pattern creator’s label.

This shawl is of medium weight and is very comfortable. It is also very feminine and lacy. In tones of blue and white, it is very cheerful, but of course, it can be custom made in any color combination.

Celtic Weave Lapghan

The Celtic Weave Lapghan is a small throw blanket that is perfect for just covering the lap. It is crocheted in vibrant contrasting colors of reds and greens, separated by borders in black. The depth and density created by the Celtic Weave stitch ensures a thick, warm blanket. This lapghan cozy and comfortable – perfect for chilly settings.

This blanket has a pleasant weight for winter time, and is perfect for cold days in the car or is just a nice blanket to keep your lap warm while you watch tv in your favorite recliner. Lapghans are small and easily portable. This one folds up relatively small and also looks great draped across the back of a recliner. The colors in green and red make it a great blanket for Christmastime, but the black borders and particular shades of color make it a blanket that you don’t automatically think “Christmas” when you see it – making it a year-round blanket if you choose. This blanket can be made in any color combination you like.

Images © Christyl’s Creations

Caron Summer Mist Afghan

The Caron Summer Mist pattern is for a throw blanket, but this has been adapted to fit a queen size bed. It is intentionally shorter from top to bottom than it is from side to side, so that the blanket does not get sucked down between the bed and the footboard of a bed frame, and so that there is extra blanket for both sides of the bed – no one is likely to be able to steal the covers with this afghan!

Being that this is such a large blanket, it takes quite a bit of yarn – as well as time. This is a very big project, but the end result is lovely. This is a blanket that has a nice heavy weight to it and a good amount of warmth. The yarn is soft and cozy. This blanket calls for five colors and can be made in any color combination you choose.

Colorful Tilda Doll

The Colorful Tilda Doll is a rather free-spirited style of doll, who wears colorful, mismatched clothing that is made with Red Heart brand yarn in white, green, and two different kind of rainbow variegated yarns (all colors can be altered to suit your tastes). She has green and white striped stocking legs and is wearing a variegated color/dark rainbow jumper. The jumper has golden ties on the sides of the legs and a front pocket with stitches showing as part of the style. Her hair can be either a skein of light rainbow colored yarn, or it can be crocheted pink velvet yarn in spirals that are tied up in a ponytail with rainbow yarn. The version of the doll that has loose yarn hair comes with a drawstring-adjustable bonnet in variegated colors of your choice. Her shoes are crocheted boots in variegated blues and greens. This doll can be made with safety eyes or button eyes.

Blue Tilda Doll

The Blue Tilda Doll is made with Lion Brand Feels Like Butta yarn in white, has a white bodice decorated with pink and purple velvet French knot roses, with shoulders shirred in pink ribbon, and a lacy skirt tiered with velvet edging. Her hair is blue and white Softee yarn knotted firmly to the scalp of the doll. She is wearing a headband that ties at the top of the head and is made with Feels Like Butta in pink. The headband is decorated with pink and purple velvet roses with teal leaves. Her shoes are crocheted Mary Janes. This doll can be made with safety eyes or button eyes – the last photo is of another doll, but to show what button eyes look like.