The Dream Fairy

Moon and Fairy.jpg

Upon a wish,
A crystal, clear,
In sparkling splendour
Of the night,
Your dusky dream,
Her ears can hear,
The blessed fairy
Of the light.

In tickling whispers,
She receives,
The heart’s desire,
Within your breast;
Like mountain dew
On golden leaves,
Her granted wish
Will give you rest.

For how she sits,
Amid her cloud,
On crescent moon,
In listening pose,
Enables her
To hear so loud,
E’en the snowflake
Touch the rose.

So make your wish,
And make it grand,
Do not fear,
Don’t make it small;
For although wishes,
Be like sand;
She grants them all.

~ Saoirse Fae

© The Fairy Tale Garden 2018

All images public domain

The Dreaming Collegiate


Study, then sleeping,
And students are dreaming
of textbooks and notes
and diplomas a-gleaming;

a future that’s bright
and filled with high income,
of days that are light,
that smiles are made from;

and joys and laughter,
a love-filled life,
a bountiful ice box,
a life without strife;

and weaving throughout
are most glorious things,
success in high measure,
and living like kings

while helping the needy,
improving society,
preserving nature,
and curing anxiety

and going forward
with all these ambitions
requires fortitude
and special conditions

a mind that is true
and a heart that is pure
the dream of the quester
a desire for cure

compassion for others
yet precision to tasks
empathy, yes
and a loathing for masks;

for if you are false
while you do these deeds
poorly, your actions will
fill anyone’s needs

and the change will be
superficial at best,
no real change,
just like the rest.

But with a true heart
and a mind that is strong,
we can fix the world;
we can right the wrong.

Our success will be happy,
untarnished with guilt
we can be fully proud
of what we have built

And regain some innocence
of which we have lost
from the dark of the world,
for that was the cost

we can dream of the fine life
of successes galore,
and of helping the world
as we go through the door

into reality,
to make our dreams real,
with belief and integrity,
and a bright wholesome zeal

as we aim high right now
in our lessons at school
we are molded and shaped;
this is only a tool

we are made to grow
to become even more
education, our armor
as we go to explore

and as we go on,
to leave this behind,
we maintain the dream
to improve humankind

And with these fine thoughts,
still fresh in my mind,
I wake to the world,
and see, redefined.

~ Chrissy Lorraine

© Chrissy’s Creative Corner 2020

All images public domain