Lemon Meringue Lapghan

The Lemon Meringue Lapghan is a small throw blanket that is perfect for just covering the lap. It is crocheted in bright, cheerful yellows and white. The three-dimensional crocodile stitch creates peaks and valleys that resemble the meringue on a pie. This lapghan is surprisingly warm, despite the size of the holes in the blanket, because of the three-dimensional depth that helps the blanket hold warmth next to you while it is on your lap.

This blanket has a pleasant, light weight, and is perfect for car rides, visits to the movie theater, or any situation in which you have to sit in an environment that is cooler than you prefer. Lapghans are small and easily portable, and this one would even fit, folded up, in a large handbag or beach bag.

Images © Christyl’s Creations