Celtic Weave Lapghan

The Celtic Weave Lapghan is a small throw blanket that is perfect for just covering the lap. It is crocheted in vibrant contrasting colors of reds and greens, separated by borders in black. The depth and density created by the Celtic Weave stitch ensures a thick, warm blanket. This lapghan cozy and comfortable – perfect for chilly settings.

This blanket has a pleasant weight for winter time, and is perfect for cold days in the car or is just a nice blanket to keep your lap warm while you watch tv in your favorite recliner. Lapghans are small and easily portable. This one folds up relatively small and also looks great draped across the back of a recliner. The colors in green and red make it a great blanket for Christmastime, but the black borders and particular shades of color make it a blanket that you don’t automatically think “Christmas” when you see it – making it a year-round blanket if you choose. This blanket can be made in any color combination you like.

Images © Christyl’s Creations